Section-Beavers – 33rd Kerrisdale


Beaver Promise:
“I promise to love God and to help take care of the world.”
Beaver Law:
“A Beaver has fun, works hard and helps his family and friends.”
Beaver Motto:
“Sharing, Sharing, Sharing.”

Beaver Ages 5 – 7

Our Regular Meeting Time: Every Saturday 12:30 to 13:30

Activities: Games, Crafts, Visits, Camping.


Beaver Colony Scouters (2021-2022)
Section Scouter Charlie Ng ( Bubbles
Scouter Eleanor Chow ( Hathi (Elephant)
Scouter Kevin Yu ( Malak (Owl)
Scouter Stephen Yip ( Rusty (Cat)
Scouter Tammy Lam ( Rainbow
Assistant Scouter Vivien Leung ( TBD
Junior Scouter Andrew Wong ( Tic Tac (Squirrel)
Junior Scouter Nathan Kwok ( Sunshine
Junior Scouter Sonia Li ( TBD
Assisting Venturer Olivia Wong
Rascal (Otter)
Assisting Venturer Vincent Fu
Hawkeye (Hawk)
Keeo Vacant
Beaver Section Support Parents (2021-2022)
Colony Parent Administration Team  Fiona Wong (
Activity T-Shirt, Neckerchief  Kun Wang (,
Beaver Colony Resources
Beaver Sleepover
Beaver Fall Camp
Beaver Summer Camp
Beaver Winter Camp