Award – 33rd Kerrisdale


Award Recipients by Section

If you have any awards and would like to post in the list, please inform your section leader about the details.



 Section  Award  Year  Name  Note
 Leader  Woodbadge II    Marilyn Liu  Pack, Troop
     2003  Martin Kwok  
     2003  Kevin Yu, Pinky Au  Pack
     2005  Carlos D’Assumpcao  Pack
     2005  Derek Cheung  Troop
     2009  Eleanor Chow  Pack
     2012  Nellie Tang  Troop
   Woodbadge I  2004  Derek Cheung, Miriam Halim, Raymond Yee  Pack
     2004  Vincent Wong  Troop
     2006  Steve Cheung  
     2007  Aaron Tang, Christiaan Halim, David Dong, Marc Halim, Michael Wong, Nellie Tang, Sonsy Poon, Timothy Chow, Vincent Wong  
     2008  Pinky Au  Colony
     2008  Eleanor Chow, Stephanie Cheung  Pack
     2008  William Ng  Troop
     2009  Jacob Wong, Nelson Fu  Pack
     2009  Daniel Shum, Stephanie Cheung  Troop
     2009  Jeffrey Kondo, Kevin Ao, Leo Wang, Lisa Hong, Patty Ngai  Pack
     2009 Derek Cheung  Group Commissioner
     2010  Edward Chan  Pack
     2011  Caleb Kwan, Patty Ngai  Colony
     2011  Marcus Ng, Nicholas Leung, Summer Wang, Timothy Chow  Pack
     2011  Marcus Ng, Nellie Tang, Patty Ngai, Summer Wang, Timothy Chow  Troop
     2012  Ken Liu  Colony
     2012  Irene Chen, Jim Leung  Pack
     2012  Josephine Lau, Lillian Lee  Troop
     2013  Ian Henderson  Troop
     2014  Eleanor Chow  Colony, Troop, Company, Crew, Group Committee
     2014  Erica Lau  Pack, Troop
     2014  Mandy Louie  Troop
     2016 Eleanor Chow  Group Commissioner
 Venturer  Queen’s Venturer Award  2005  Carlos D’Assumpcao  
     2008  Aaron Tang, Christiaan Halim, Vincent Wong  
     2009  Timothy Chow  
     2012  Derek Dong, Kevin Ao, Nelson Fu  
 Scout  Chief Scout’s Award  2002  Carlos D’Assumpcao  
     2003  Alex Chan  
     2004  Timothy Chow, Vincent Wong  
     2005  Christiaan Halim, Raymond Yee  
     2006  Aaron Tang  
     2008  Christopher Lim, Jacob Wong, Kevin Ao, Michael Mak, Nelson Fu, Stephanie Cheung  
     2009  Tim Tjia-Gan  
     2010  Marcus Ng  
     2011  Avery Wong, Denise Cheng, Eugene Hwang, Jeff Yang, Nicholas Leung, Patrick Wong  
     2012  Erica Lau, Jonathan Tang, Tiffany Hui  
     2013  Helen Wu, Rachel Kwok, Vincent Tu  
     2014  Alvin Ng, Eileen Shiang, Jack Zhou  
     2015  Amy Wang, Charlie Ng, Daniel Lim, Dillon Ramlochun, Michelle Cheng, Simon Roberts  
 Cub  All Stars  1998  Carlos D’Assumpcao  
     1999  Timothy Chow  
     2000  Nelson Au  
     2006  Aaron Cheung, Adrian Cheung, Avery Wong, David Chin, Jeff Yang, Tony Kwok  
     2007  Nicholas Leung, Ronald Ho  
     2008  Adam Hwang, Curtis Chow, Helen Wu, Liam Hsu, Nicole Halim, Phillip Che, Vincent Cao  
     2009  Arthur Yee  
     2010  Arseny Tyulenev, Dillon Ramlochun, Eugene Kao, Kenny Liu  
     2011  Ryan Kao  
     2012  Nathan Kwok  
     2013  Christine Liu  
     2014  Curtis Chen, Stephen Cai  
     2015  Adrian Chen, Macklin Tsang, Olivia Wong  
     2016  Aaron Zhang, Patrick Liu, Vincent Fu  
 Cub  All Awards  2000  Timothy Chow  
     2008  Nicole Halim  
     2009  Arthur Yee, Helen Wu  
Cub Kub Kar      
   District Speed  1999  Alex Chan, Edward Sing  
   District Design  1999  Timothy Chow (2nd)  
   Area Design  2004  Adrian Cheng  
   Area Design  2006  Adam Hwang, Denise Cheng  
   Area Speed  2007  Aaron Cheung (3rd), Alvin Ng (5th), Ronald Ho (2nd), Tony Li (4th)  
   Area Design  2007  Jeremy Cheng (5th), Sean Yue (1st)  
   Region Speed  2007  Alvin Ng (3rd), Ronald Ho (2nd)  
   Region Design  2007  Sean Yue (4th)  
   Area Speed  2008  Billy Li (2nd), Ethan Pei (Merit), Jerry Liu (Merit), Matthew Hansen (Merit 4th), Nicholas Hu (1st)  
   Area Design  2008  Philip Che(Merit)  
   Speed  2010  Daniel Lim(PSA top 6th, PCC 2nd), Kevin Guo(PSA top 6th), Paul Pan(PSA & PCC 3rd), Ryan Pei(PSA 4th, PCC top 6)  
   Design  2010  Rebecca Tsow(PSA 5th), Ryan Kondo(PSA 1st, PCC 1st in “Most Unique”)  
   Speed  2011  Amy Wong(PSA 4th), Elizabeth Lum(PSA 5th), Garry Wang(PSA 6th), Kevin Guo(PSA 1st, PCC 3rd), Leo Tam(PSA 2nd), Ryan Pei(PSA 3rd)  
   Design  2011  Janice Lam(PSA Honorable), Ryan Kondo(PSA Viewer Choice), Simon Roberts(PSA Funniest Car)  
   Speed  2012  Kevin Guo(PSA 1st, PCC 1st), Jack Li(PSA 2nd), Curtis Chen(PSA 3rd, PCC 3rd)  
   Design  2012  Nathan Kwok(PSA Honorable), Nolan Chan(PSA 1st)  
   Speed  2013  Daman Tsang(PSA 2nd)  
   Speed  2014  Macklin Tsang(PSA 3rd), Curtis Chen(PSA 4th), Adrian Chen(PSA 5th), Moon Liu(PSA 6th)  
   Design  2014  Patrick Liu(PSA Classic)  
   Speed  2015 Shirley Zhang (PSA 4th), Joseph Liu (PSA 5th)  
   Design  2015 Spencer Sun(PSA Viewer Choice), Jay Liu(PSA 6th)  
  Design 2016 Spencer Sun(PSA Viewer Choice, PCC Classic), Amy Duan(PSA 3rd), Fiona Zhang(PSA 3rd)  
 Duke of  Gold  1976  Martin Kwok  
 Edinburgh’s    2009  Aaron Tang  
 Award    2010 Christiaan Halim, Derek Dong, Timothy Chow,  Vincent Wong  
   Silver  2002  Pinky Au  
     2005  Carlos D’Assumpcao  
     2006  Aaron Tang, Christiaan Halim, Vincent Wong  
     2007  Megan Kwan  
     2009  Derek Dong, Wesley Cheung  
     2010  Michael Wong  
     2012  Kevin Ao, Nelson Fu  
     2013  Nicholas Leung, Marcus Ng, Patrick Wong  
   Bronze  2001  Pinky Au  
     2005  Aaron Tang  
     2006  Megan Kwan, Michael Wong  
     2007  Derek Dong, Marc Halim  
     2008  Stephanie Cheung  
     2009  Christopher Lim, Karen Shum, Kevin Ao, Michael Mak, Nelson Fu, Wesley Cheung  
     2011  Harry Shum, Marcus Ng, Patrick Wong  
     2012  Nicholas Leung  
     2013  Felicia Chan, Erica Lau