Scout Promise:
“On my honor I promise that I will do my best;
To do my duty to God and the Queen,
To help other people at all times, and to carry out the spirit of the Scout Law.”
Scout Motto:

“Be prepared”

The fundamental principles or rules of the 33rd Troop will be based on the traditional version of the Scout Law,
as follows:

The Scout Law
A Scout is Trustworthy A Scout is Loyal
A Scout is Helpful A Scout is Friendly
A Scout is Courteous A Scout is Kind
A Scout is Obedient A Scout is Cheerful
A Scout is Thrifty A Scout is Brave
A Scout is Clean A Scout is Reverent

Scout Ages 11 — 15

Our Regular Meeting Time: Every Saturday 14:00 to 17:00

Badge Testing starts at 13:30


Scout Troop Resources

Sample Lists

Carlos’s Hiking Gear

3-day Expedition/Spring Camp

Useful Links

Group Activity Photos

The MacScouter — Scouting Resources Online

Semaphore Flag Signaling

Ropers Knots Page
VCR Nite Hike

Byron’s Dutch Oven Cooking Page

Additional Scouting Sites

The World Bureau 

USA Scouts

UK Scouts

Gaelic Wolf Scouting Pages

The NetCommish @ USSSP


Rules and Regulations (Information Bulletin for Scout Youths and Parents)Deportment StandardsBecoming A ScoutScouting Basic FormationsGPS Navigation Standard Competition

Camp Log Guidelines

Campout Prep

Camp Dining Rooms and

Backpacking Checklist

Badge Test Request Form

Outdoor Adventure Skills

Chief Scout’s Award Requirement

Scout Troop Leaders (2018-2019)
Section Scouter Mandy Louie
Scouter David Dong
Scouter Derek Dong
Scouter Ken Liu
Scouter Raymond Yee
Scouter Timothy Chow
Scouter William Ng
Junior Scouter Jonathan Tang
Junior Scouter Marcus Ng

Scout Section Support Parents (2017-2018)
Treasurer May Poon
Parent Coordinator Sicily Lam
Badge Secretary Elly Man
Activity T-Shirt, Beret & Pin, Belt, Neckerchief Liza Zou
Xmas Party Coordinator Sean Martinez & Wendy Yeh
Fund Raising Coordinator Vacant